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100gm Per Serving

  • 72gm Protein
  • 7gm Amino
  • 15g Carbohydrate


A combo protein supplement that includes whey concentrate, egg protein, milk protein, and whey isolate is designed to provide a balanced and comprehensive source of protein to support muscle growth, recovery, and overall nutrition. Here’s a breakdown of each component:

  1. Whey Concentrate: Whey concentrate is one of the most common forms of whey protein. It is derived from milk and contains a moderate level of protein (typically around 70-80% protein by weight) along with some fats and carbohydrates. Whey concentrate is known for its excellent amino acid profile, including high levels of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which are crucial for muscle recovery and growth. It is also relatively affordable and retains more of the beneficial nutrients found in whole whey.
  2. Egg Protein: Egg protein, often derived from egg whites, is a high-quality source of protein that is naturally free of carbohydrates and fats. It is considered a complete protein because it contains all essential amino acids in the right proportions. Egg protein is highly bioavailable, meaning it is easily absorbed and utilized by the body. It provides a steady release of amino acids, making it ideal for prolonged periods without food.
  3. Milk Protein: Milk protein is a combination of whey and casein proteins, with whey being the fast-digesting component and casein being slow-digesting. This combination provides both immediate and sustained protein release, making it suitable for various purposes, including muscle recovery and maintenance. It is also rich in calcium and other essential nutrients.
  4. Whey Isolate: Whey isolate is a highly processed form of whey protein that contains a very high protein content (often 90% or more protein by weight) while being low in fats and carbohydrates. It undergoes additional filtration to remove most of the lactose and fats. Whey isolate is known for its rapid absorption and is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-protein, low-carb option.

A combo protein supplement that includes all these protein sources aims to offer a diverse and complete protein profile. It can be beneficial for individuals looking to optimize their protein intake for muscle building, recovery, or as a convenient meal replacement. Depending on the specific product, the ratios of these proteins may vary, so it’s essential to check the label for the exact composition.

Before incorporating any protein supplement into your diet, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or a registered dietitian to ensure it aligns with your nutritional goals and dietary needs. They can help you determine the right dosage and usage based on your individual circumstances.

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